World-class solutions for meetings and conferences

Our Conferencing System is world-class solutions, the system makes it extremely easy to manage meetings and is ideal for small to large sized meeting areas.

The system delivers excellent speech intelligibility thanks to advanced digital audio processing and superior microphone and loudspeaker performance. The loudspeaker and the microphone are activated simultaneously to create a more natural face-to-face meeting feel, encouraging participants to more easily take part in the meeting.

Live video of active speakers can be shown on a big screen, thanks to the system’s on-board support for automatic camera control. Up to six HD cameras can be easily connected to the system without needing additional software.

> Excellent speech intelligibility with built-in Digital. Acoustic Feedback Suppression
> Built-in audio recording on internal memory and/or USB memory stick
> On-board support for automatic HD camera control
> Extended configuration and control via built-in web server “Energy saving mode” for automatic switch-off after two hours of inactivity
> Four individual outputs for courtroom optimization