Marine Battery

12V 100AH

Narada Iron Phosphate Marine Rechargeable Light Weight Bms Lifepo4 Storage Lithium Battery 12v 100 ah

Electric Propelling Applications
> Engine Starting Battery
> Commercial Bus and Transit:
E-car, E-bus, Golf troller /car, E-bike, Scooter, RV, AGV, Marine, Tourist car, Caravan, Wheel chair,
E-truck, E-sweeper, Floor cleaner, E-walker etc.
> Intellectual Robots
> Power tools: electric drills, toys

Energy Storage
> Solar-Wind Power System
> City Grid (On/Off)
Back-up System and UPS
> Telcom Base, CATV system, Computer Server Center, Medical Instrument, Military Equipment

> Long service life.
> Low self-discharge.
> Environment friendly.
> Good safety performance.
> Maintenance-free operation.
> Broad operating temperature range.