Offline UPS

Usually the least extensive as compared to the other two.

The OFFLINE UPS supplies (or routes) the incoming mains supply directly through to the output usually through a relay contact. Some high frequency noise filtering and surge suppression may be included in this path.The UPS swiches on its inverter as soon as mains supply failure is detected or below the normal load and simultaneously switches the output relay to the inverter side to supply battery sourced power to the load. This transition involves a delay on account of the time to reliably detect mains failure and switch over a relay, and the output is broken for this period (usually for 2 to 12msec).

Off line UPS Main Features:
> Advanced digital control technology
> Streamline, colorful appearance design
> Comprehensive net equipment protection
> Green idea environmental design
> Flexible and practical cold start function
> Wide voltage range for intellectual regulating (SMART AVR)
> Intelligent power management (optional)