Public address and voice alarm systems

Keeping people informed, secure and entertained, that is our mission.

Our Security Systems develops systems that deliver the highest performance in speech and music quality. Building on industry-leading technology, we work to continuously improve our systems. We focus on putting end-users first, by designing highly intuitive interfaces that make it easy to get the most from our products. Our goal is to address changing customer needs with outstanding systems that cater for applications of every size.

Why choose FIDATO?
1. Expertise and outstanding quality in PA/VA: We enable target groups to forecast challenging situations and user needs.
2. Wide and resilient portfolio: We design public address solutions that give a good conscience and contribute to a better world.
3. Intelligent public address technology: We deliver IP-based technologies that create a fascinating experience in public and commercial spaces.
4. Global partnerships and closeness to customers: We inspire and support our customers to shape their future.
5. We strive to anticipate our customer needs by always being one step ahead, contribute to a better world through sustainable solutions and create value-adding ideas that fascinate our customer.

Saving lives with public safety
Securing people from potentially dangerous situations is our contribution to society. The voice alarm functionalities of FIDATO PA/VA systems provide clear guidance and instructions in case of emergencies. Research proves that unlike traditional siren alerts, instructed evacuations reduce the time required to clear buildings, so more lives can be saved.

Unique industry position
As an industry leader, FIDATO sets and maintains the highest standards of system availability and innovation. This allows us to meet and exceed the needs of our growing customer base, with guaranteed system reliability and built-in fail-safe redundancies. Our leading-edge technologies have integral compatibility, offering guaranteed interoperability and at the same time ensuring complete protection against eavesdropping and hacking.

Major application area